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A great option that won’t have you counting every single hour. Know what your paying for in advance per container.

Container Qty. per month Price Per Container/LCL Shipment
1-10 $175
11-20 $150
21-40 $125
41-50 $100


*50+ containers custom pricing is available

Bank or Merchant fees are not included in this fixed pricing. Please review my TERMS

Price per container includes the following stages and tasks:

1) Purchase order review and comparison with agreed price under the specific Incoterm. Clarification about questionable points (example: freight insurance, lift on/off, Customs Clearance etc.)

2) Follow-up on proper packing in the order to fulfill safety requirements. Assisting with CBM and Gross weight calculation when needed.

3) Collecting certificates and data sheets from the supplier in order to match import procedure standards (example: Certificates Of Origin, data sheets for cosmetic products that satisfy USDA and FDA requirements)

4) Collecting proof of payment, Credit Notes from Suppliers and monitoring outstanding balance.

1) Obtaining shipping rate from a minimum of two compatible freight forwarders for each shipment.
Matching ETD / ETA with Supply Chain plan deadline.

2) Arranging pickup from supplier’s warehouse with local trucking company and hiring additional labor force (as needed).

3) Applying freight insurance as needed in client’s best interest. Working closely with export Customs Broker by providing the most favorable HS codes (within legal frame). Collecting and reviewing Export Declaration.

4) Follow-up on freight departure.

1) Preparing Commercial Invoice, Packing List and all other required paperwork for import Customs Clearance

2) Closely monitoring Customs Clearance status

3) Arranging local delivery to importer’s warehouse. Obtaining confirmation if products satisfy quality and quantity as agreed

4) Preparing official statements for import requirements that would expedite potential freight hold placed by Customs or specific Gov. Department in charge (example: USDA / FDA)

1) Keeping double record for each shipment: paper-printed version and Dropbox / Google Docs

2) Reviewing invoices for shipping and customs clearance services, comparing with an official offer made by the Freight Forwarder and requesting revisions / Credit Notes where applicable.

3) A final calculation which gives total amount (DDP) per container and / or product unit.

4) Monitoring market rates for FCL / FTL repetitive shipments. Actively searching for more competitive service providers.