Welcome to my Website | I am a Professional Transportation Logistics Virtual Assistant

My name is Alex. If you landed on my website,  you are here to learn more about me and the services I provide. You are in luck!  I am  hard person to find unless your specifically looking into working with someone like me.  As you can imagine, there are not many professional Male Va’s that are specializing in my field as a Transportation Logistics Virtual Assistants.  The industry is still trying to figure out where I fit in, as I don’t typically work ” In Office” unless it is my own. With technology these days hiring someone like me is smart business sense. There are many benefits to working with a professional like myself outside of cost alone. I have worked in the U.S. and in Europe with companies in this field for 8 years. While I work in Logistics, I also work as a General VA. I am a full time freelancer. Feel free to browse around my website and when your ready schedule your consult with me. I do look forward to hearing from you.